Football Officiating Clinic May 2018

The Ruletool Academy clinic intends to give all football officials in Europe (and beyond) a valuable and fun learning experience. Over the weekend, we’ll cover rules, philosophy, mechanics and everything else that makes for a good official. This is a  ‘neutral’ clinic and supporting IFAF/NCAA rules and IAFOA mechanics.

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The 2018 clinic hosted the following clinicians:

Carl Cheffers NFL #51 - lead clinicianIFAF NFL Europe


Resilience | Yolande

Presentation (without video). Ultimate Guide

Introduction | Maarten

Rule test results | Maarten

The football officiating pyramid | Carl

“When to pickup a flag?” | Carl

Handling crew disagreement about a foul | Carl

Calling fouls | Carl

Intentional Grounding | Carl

More to come

Some feedback of 2018 participants 👍

  • “Thanks again for organising the weekend. I’ve learned so much! It was also very enjoyable.”
  • “Congrats on a well done clinic!”
  • “Great clinic, the onfield part alone was worth it!”
  • “Thank you once again for organising the clinic. Lots of positives to draw from and I really enjoyed & learnt from it. I look forward to coming back next year!”
  • “Thanks! Am looking forward to applying the things I’ve learned on the field!”

Thanks to our clinic partners!